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Hall Stone Jewel

Concordia Lodge No.4480

Founded 1923

Tapton Masonic Hall

Shore Lane



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The Coat of Arms of The United Grand Lodge of England



  Why Consider

  Joining Concordia

  and  Becoming a Freemason?


  To enjoy meeting like minded people.

  To build your own self confidence and skills.

  To make new friends.

  To make use of your skills and talents.

  To learn about Freemasonry.

  To belong to a worldwide organisation.

  To support charitable causes and give something back to society.

  To provide intellectual challenge.

  To enable you and your family to join in events and activities organised through Freemasonry.



So  --  thinking about joining and becoming a Freemason?

Want to belong to a group of good, like minded people who enjoy putting something back into society and contribute to Charity Work?

Want to find out more about the history, customs and rituals

of this ancient brotherhood?

Want to find out more about Freemasonry?  

Contact us at Concordia Lodge via our email:

and we will help you get started.


   Are there any rules about joining? 

  You must be 21 yrs old or 18 yrs old if you are the son of a Mason.

  You must not have a Serious Criminal Record.

  You must have a belief in a Supreme Being: your personal faith, personal choice of Religion or

  personal choice of belief.

  You must be of ‘Good Reputation’ and be approved by other Freemasons.

  You must freely decide you want to be a Mason and then contact the Lodge to apply for membership.




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